what is semi-permanent make up?

A form of micro-pigmentation (permanent makeup). Specially formulated pigment is deposited superficially into the skin with a single sterile needle. It is a soft layering technique that gives ultimate control to the artist to create the most natural looking powdered brow.
* Pigments are deposited very superficially into the skin using only a single prong needle.
* Can last between 1-3 years. Touch ups are necessary to maintain color vibrancy and shape definition.
* Pigment is deposited between the epidermis and the dermis therefore the pigment will fade as your skin naturally exfoliates.
* Color will lighten and fade out before it has a chance to change to a primal color (blue or red).
aftercare of your PMU


At home post care is extremely important when it comes to the final result. If the steps are not correctly followed, it can risk ruining the work and the entire pigmentation process.
After treatment
Post care starts immediately after the treatment (15-20 minutes). Eyebrows should be gently cleaned with a damp cotton pad (not wet) without any products added. Keeping it clean will prevent scabs from forming. This is to be repeated every 15-20 minutes until bedtime. Use a new and clean cotton pad each time. Dry with a clean tissue. Do not touch the wound/tattoo.
Day 2
Clean (in the same way as the day before) 3 times a day (in the morning, noon and before sleeping). Keep the tattoo as clean as possible. Do not apply any products, nor make-up.
Day 3-10
The following days use Vaseline to hydrate to treated area. Apply a very thin layer a couple of times a day until completely healed (7-10 days). The ideal application is with a cotton swab (earbud). It is important to treat the area as if it were an open wound and try to protect it from external dirt (dust, bacteria). For this reason, you should not apply any other cream/make up. You can wash your face, although we recommend not wetting it too much and drying it with a clean tissue. During healing, avoid activities where you may sweat (solarium, sauna, sports). Sweat can push the pigment out of the skin. Do not swim in pools or the sea for 10 days. If you can’t avoid the sun, try to stay in the shade and use a hat. After 14 days start using sunscreen with a minimum of 50SPF+. This will prolong the duration of your semi-permanent makeup.
Your follow up appointment should be after 4 to 6 weeks and no longer than 3 months.  This is to access the makeup and complete any touch ups.
Please contact me if you are not sure about any activity not mentioned.
PMU Price List
  • Eyebrows Magic Shading

    Eyebrows Magic Shading Semi Permanent Make Up
  • Lips Blush or Full

    Lips Blush or Full Semi Permanent Make Up
  • Eyeliner Classic

    Eyeliner Classic Semi Permanent Make Up
  • Soft Eyeliner

    Eyeliner Soft Semi Permanent Make Up
  • Touch Up

    Touch up (up to 3 months)
  • Touch Up Lips

    Touch up (after 3 months)
  • Touch Up Eyeliner

    Touch up (after 3 months)
  • Touch Up Eyebrows

    Touch up (after 3 months)
  • Deposit

    Deposit required to book Semi Permanent Make Up
  • Removal

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