Semi Permanent Make UP

Eyebrows Magic Shading

©Linda Rybarova 2023

Session 2 hours


Magic shading brows

* Uses a pen like device connected to a machine that penetrates the skin with a single prong needle that springs forward and back motion. This is similar to a very fast tapping motion and gives brows the illusion of powdered-in makeup effect.
* Will hold the shape longer than microblading, as microblading has more the look of “fluffy brows” and powder brows has more of a clean “defined shape”.
* Great for all skin types and lifestyles. Last between 1-3 years. Touch ups are recommended annually every 1 – 1.5 years.
How long does magic shading brows last?
There is no exact answer to how well the pigment may last. However, on average it can last from 1-3 years. Pigment retention always depends on factors such as skin type, lifestyle and desired results. Skin type is a factor in that the skin is the canvas to which holds the pigment. Oily or problematic skin will not hold this pigment as well and may need touchup sooner. Desired results such as darker colors will retain longer and lighter colors such as blondes will fade faster. We recommend a touch up every 12-18 months to keep the color vibrant and keep the shape symmetrical.