Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy Tools

Session time 1 hour


what is wood therapy?

Wood therapy, also called maderotherapy or maderoterapia , is a form of massage that uses various hand-held wooden tools. It has benefits such as breaking down fat and cellulite, promoting blood circulation, smoothing the skin, and reducing stress.

  • Breaks down fat and cellulite (pockets of fat just below the skin).
  • Reshaping of the body
  • Promotes body cleansing
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and elimination of adipose tissue (fat)
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Relieves stress and Promotes relaxation
  • Firms thighs and bottom
  • Stimulates blood circulation

Prices for Wood Therapy

  • Wood Therapy Session

    Wood Therapy massage session
  • Wood Therapy Package

    Wood Therapy 5 sessions + 1 session extra free
  • Pressotherapy

    45 minute session
  • Pressotherapy

    When added to another treatment
  • Pressotherapy 10 session package

    Pressotherapy 10 (8 sessions+ 2 free)
  • Wood Therapy + Pressotherapy Session

    Combined Wood Therapy + Pressotherapy session