Features of the theme


Theme Color Buttons

[button type=”theme”]The Theme Button[/button] rounded 3px

[button type=”theme” rounded=”2″]The Theme Button[/button] rounded 2px

[button type=”theme” rounded=”6″]The Theme Button[/button] rounded 6px

[button type=”theme” rounded=”10″]The Theme Button[/button] rounded 10px

[button type=”theme” rounded=”rounded”]The Theme Button[/button] rounded 99px

Button Colors (by Twitter Bootstrap)

[button]Default Button[/button] [button type=”primary”]Primary Button[/button] [button type=”info”]Info Button[/button] [button type=”success”]Success Button[/button] [button type=”warning”]Warning Button[/button] [button type=”danger”]Danger Button[/button] [button type=”inverse”]Inverse Button[/button]

[divider type=”theme”]

Heading One H1

Heading Two H2

Heading Three  H3

Heading Four H4

Heading Five H5
Heading Six H6


Collapse / Accordion

[accordion title=”Accordion title”]

This is one really interesting accordion!

Let me see this stuff …


[accordion opened=”true” title=”Hello there!”]

This is just another accordion, opened by default …